3 Ways That Negative Thoughts Ruin Your Physical Health (And How To Get Rid Of Them)

You might not think that the thoughts in your head can actually affect the status of your physical health, but consider that the advanced systems of your body, developed over the course of our evolution to keep us alive in times of danger, can’t tell the difference between real threats and those which we have invented and replay as movies in our minds.

The sympathetic nervous system helps us survive in times of real danger. Bodily processes that are not needed for imminent survival are turned off while we are scared. This includes our entire digestive system. Can you imagine the nagging feeling of really needing to go to the bathroom while running for your life from a wild animal or fighting in a tribal war? Our body kind of takes care of it for us temporarily by shutting all that down.

So we run into physical health issues when we do things like eating a meal and then getting into our car and becoming stressed about traffic. Or we eat when we are angry. Any negative thought that consumes our mind will put us in this sympathetic mode.

Here are 3 ways that we lose out when we allow negative thoughts to remain at the forefront of our consciousness rather than staying in the present and being mindful of our actual current state of reality.

  1. Energy loss – When your body feels stress resulting from imagined sources of danger it reallocates the energy it would normally be allocating to the process of building your tissues with your food to preparing to deal with whatever danger it thinks is imminent. This misuse of energy makes us more tired than we need to be – at all times!
  2. Weight gain – When your body shuts down your digestive system to conserve energy so that you can fight off whatever danger it is that it thinks you need to fight (meanwhile, the danger doesn’t exist – it’s just a worry in your mind) the food in your stomach goes rancid, causing indigestion and gets stored as fat. Your tissues also don’t get built and you eventually end up developing sickness of some kind.
  3. Missing out on real life – When you live only  inside your mind – worried about the past or future, inventing scenarios that don’t exist while getting physically stressed about them – you miss out on what is actually going on around you. You may choose to stay home and ruminate on the chaos in your head instead of going out, socializing, engaging in physical activities, accepting the help and support of others, hugging, laughing and learning.

Now check out my video above for the 2 simple methods that I use to get out of my mind, remove negative thoughts from my head, and plant myself as firmly as possible in the present to appreciate life as it truly is.

Chris Carlone, CNP

I help people transform their health and their finances. Anything else? EVERYTHING comes next.

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