Chocolate Ingredient #2: Coconut Oil

Yesterday we discussed the amazing cacao bean ( as the first ingredient in my simple but delicious pure chocolate recipe (

Today we add coconut oil. Another superfood.

First, as any food, you want the coconut oil to be organic. This will ensure that it not only had zero pesticides applied during growth, but also that the soil that was used contains a fuller spectrum of the minerals that make up our bodies. You want to use unrefined coconut oil both for health reasons (as the refining process eliminates much of the health benefits) but also because the purpose of refining coconut oil is to remove the coconut flavour, which some people don’t like. We want that flavour in our chocolate, so organic and unrefined is the way to go (as usual).

Coconut has gotten a bad rap in the past because it is a saturated fat and we’ve been taught by industry that saturated fats are bad, end of story. Untrue. Coconut oil provides a saturated fat that will enhance the health of every one of your cells, potentially increasing your metabolism and thus allowing you to shed fat. Just by eating it. The fat in unrefined extra virgin coconut oil will not deposit itself on your thighs or gut. It will reduce them.

Coconut oil is both antibacterial and antimicrobial. This means it is a natural and delicious way to fight infection and viruses. Well-timed considering we’re now into flu season. Simply put, you’ll get sick less often if you regularly consume coconut oil. One way to consume it is via chocolate.

Like cacao, coconut oil is rich in antioxidants. These will take the wind out of the sails of any free radicals you may have in your body damaging your arteries or potentially making cells cancerous.

Coconut oil can help get things moving in the bowel. Keeping regular is a great way to improve overall health as some nutrients are absorbed in that part of the body.

Coconut oil helps with insulin reaction in the cells offering help for diabetics.

Just as with ingredient number one, you can see that coconut oil, just by itself, is an amazing food that will improve your health. Because I’m discussing it in the context of my chocolate recipe, I haven’t even gotten into the incredible use of coconut oil as a non-poisonous alternative to chemically-based skin moisturizers or how effective it is as a hair conditioner, or how great an option it is in the frying pan, since it has a very high burn point.

Tomorrow I’ll begin presenting the two sweetener options in the chocolate recipe: raw honey or pure maple syrup.

If you’d like a graphical interpretation of the above and more – here you go, courtesy of

Benefits of Coconut Oil

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