Chocolate Ingredient #3a – 100% Pure Maple Syrup

You’ve got two unbelievably healthy choices to sweeten your chocolate: raw, unheated honey or 100% pure maple syrup. Both have amazing health benefits compared with the sugar used in common chocolate bars which has nothing but negative effects, not only on your health, but how you feel. The challenge with the honey in this context is getting it to liquify enough to mix evenly without heating it too much. Maple Syrup just pours in out of the bottle and can be mixed around with little effort.

Raw honey is an incredible substance. I’ll get into that tomorrow. But pure maple syrup has less calories (if you’re into counting that sort of thing) and has denser mineral content. I firmly believe that much of the illness that is increasingly being experienced in western society is due to the absence of minerals in the food we buy. Certain mineral deficiencies directly result in certain illnesses and diseases. Solving deficiencies solves the illnesses. Pure maple syrup is but one of the ways that this chocolate recipe helps replenish the mineral deficiency in your body.

Specifically, manganese is particularly abundant in maple syrup. This mineral is a factor in antioxidant acitivity in the body, working against illnesses like cardiovascular disease and cancer. This is the third ingredient I’ve listed for my recipe and all three of them support antioxidant action in the body. See how this chocolate is actually medicine?

Zinc is also abundant in maple syrup. This mineral is important to heart health. It helps stave off atherosclerosis (blocking of the arteries). Zinc also is very important to men’s health, particularly involving the prostate.

Interestingly, when you tap a maple tree for the sap that is reduced down to the syrup we love, the tree defends itself by emitting an enzyme that just happens to improve insulin response in humans. Well, isn’t that nice? Put some maple syrup in your chocolate and it will help your diabetes.

With the three ingredients listed so far (cacao, coconut oil, pure maple syrup) you can make chocolate. The rest of the ingredients will make it taste better and improve your health even more. Have you tried it yet?

Chris Carlone, CNP

I help people transform their health and their finances. Anything else? EVERYTHING comes next.

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