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AddressTheRootCauseThere is a lot of nutrition and lifestyle information in this blog. I hope you apply as much of this general information as you can to your own personal situation. But the real beauty of the nutritional approach to health is that it can specified for the individual.

Here are some reasons you might want to talk to a Nutritional Practitioner:

  1. You have questions about nutrition that pertain to your health or the health of your family
  2. You have goals involving weight loss or weight gain
  3. You have been told  that you have a condition that will never go away
  4. You have numerous health conditions
  5. You wonder about the amount of medication you are taking and whether it could be reduced
  6. You have been told that you must improve your health in a certain amount of time or else undergo a procedure
  7. You feel like you should feel better on a daily basis than you do and that your age is not a good reason for the way you feel
  8. You want to take responsibility for your own health
  9. You wish to feel confident about what you are feeding yourself and/or your family

You may have tried many methods and seen many health professionals to try to meet your health goals or solve your health issues. Do you feel that they spent enough time sorting your distinct situation out? Or did they attempt to give you a band-aid solution to mask your symptoms? I will teach you about food and address all of the health issues you want addressed. In fact, I’ll address your TOTAL health. That is my ethical goal with each client.

Since my assessment methods are non-invasive (i.e. there are no blood or lab tests) you don’t need to be in the Toronto area to consult with me. Many of my local clients are even visiting with me via webcam now, saving them time in traffic and travel.

Time is precious. So is your health. You will never lose the knowledge you gain through the guidance of a Certified Nutritional Practitioner. 

Are you ready to become comfortable with nutrition and your own personal health needs while boosting your current efforts to get into shape – all without methods like counting calories or weighing food portions? View the packages available.

But first fill out the form at the bottom of the page to arrange a free chat with me to discuss your goals. 

Appointments held in person, via Skype or telephone.

Initial Consult – $149; 30 Minute Followup Sessions – $49

Ultimate Success Package (Initial Consult + Five 30 Minute Followups) – $299

Plus applicable taxes.

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