Digestive Tip: Water with Lemon in the Morning

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No matter what we eat – good, bad, organic, processed – if the nutrients contained in that food do not make their way into our cells then we have eaten for nothing. As I mentioned in the coffee piece I did the other day (http://wp.me/p2MUih-s), digestion is crucial to this.

The food we eat needs to be properly broken down into micronutrients that can be carried from our small intestines into the bloodstream and to our cells. This allows that miracle to happen where the food we eat becomes … us.  You might say that this is the miracle of life.

Any interference with this digestive process doesn’t even give the metabolic process (where those micronutrients broken down during digestion go into the cells and waste comes out of the cells) a chance.

So how can we give our bodies help at assimilating these nutrients, giving us more energy, younger looks, and a more alert mind? We can boost the digestive process rather than hinder it.

I can and will get into many ways to hinder the process as I add entries to this blog.  But what about some ways to enhance the process?

I recommend, first thing in the morning, that you drink a glass of water with half of a lemon’s worth of juice squeezed into it.  Just having this one glass of fresh lemon water in the morning will acidify your stomach and boost your digestion for the entire day.  Now that’s an easy and inexpensive way of improving your life.

P.S. What do you do with the squeezed half lemon after you’ve drank down its juice in your glass of water?  Use it to clean your kitchen counters.  Lemon naturally absorbs odour and is an effective cleaner because if its acidity.  So you can ditch your poisonous chemical cleaners and reduce the burden that they cause on your health and that of your family, instead improving the health of your kitchen environment.

Oh, and for those with acid reflux who fear acid, you need to understand that reflux is caused by low stomach acid, not high stomach acid. And heartburn is usually caused by dehydration. I’ll get into those topics another time.

[Originally posted October 9.2012]

Chris Carlone, CNP

I help people transform their health and their finances. Anything else? EVERYTHING comes next.

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  1. pushthecow says:

    Thanks Chris – easy to read, great tip and I like that you explain the “why”.

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