Does A Lack Of Routine Get In The Way Of You Attaining Your Health Goals?

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Are there any health goals you are working on at the moment? Are you working out a few times a week or more? Do you go to the gym at the same time each day? Do you go for a run each morning, or perhaps in the evening after work?

Do you look forward to that time each day when you get that physical activity in? How much do you think is the activity itself, and how much do you think is the fact that you know what you’ll be doing at that time each day? Might it be that you know each day you’ll get a reprieve from the daily grind and put some time toward yourself and your goals for feeling better?

I like to meditate each morning and I’m working on getting some physical exercise in each day right before I eat lunch. I like knowing that those time slots are set up for me each day. I know exactly what I’ll be doing and exactly how the time will be benefiting me, putting me toward my goals.

What about when it comes to nutrition and diet? Do you know in advance what you will be eating, when, and exactly how it will be benefiting your health? Preparing meals takes a lot of time. Sometimes meal planning causes me stress and ends up costing me a lot of money when I decide just to save time and take the family out to a restaurant. Why? I think it’s because there are so many question marks when it comes to healthy eating. Carbs make you gain gain weight in the wrong ways. Fat makes you gain weight in the wrong way. Lots of protein to build muscle. These are all generalizations that aren’t really true. For example, carbs are necessary to give you the energy required to break down and assimilate the protein you are eating. No carbs and the protein will eventually be stored as fat! And fat, itself, doesn’t make us gain weight. In fact, healthy fats improve the health of our cell membranes which restores our healthy metabolism, allowing the body to SHED the excess fat accumulated over time as we get older and deprive our cells (including brain cells) of the fat they need for proper function.

So what is one supposed to do, go to nutrition school like I did so that this kind of information gets pushed into the subconscious and makes meal-planning easier? As I said, even I find planning meals to be something I wish I had at least another six hours per day for.

I use a system now that was created by scientists (Nobel Prize-winning) and product formulators that takes much of the guessing out of it for me. I still prepare meals and snacks each day. The difference is that I now no longer have itch for products that super-stimulate the taste buds and make me want meals that will reward me for my hard work all day by giving me taste stimulation. Instead, I’m noticing my body’s call for the foods that keep it healthy. As a result, my blood sugar stays balanced and my adrenals are helping me deal with stress like they were designed to do. They are working with my thyroid for hormone regulation, my mood is stable, cravings are gone and I’ve inadvertently met my health goals.

If you want a system that offers you a routine that is simple to follow yet is flexible so that you can make your own food choices then just let me know. I’ll introduce you to it.

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