Does Digestion = Weight Loss?

The short answer is yes, if you have fat to lose. But first I need to explain why I specialize in teaching about the digestive process. There are a couple of reasons.

First is because proper digestion is essential for the systems of your body to function properly. Without the proper functioning of your body’s organs and various systems you will become sick. It’s that simple. This includes weight gain in the form of fatty deposits.

The root of your illness, almost without exception, is your body’s inability to take the nutrients in the food that you eat and assimilate them into your cells. Vitamin and mineral deficiency = illness and disease. Learn how to digest and the illness goes away. It’s not a mystery. It’s human physiology.

Seeing a holistic nutritionist like myself is about determining your particular nutrient deficiencies so that you can learn the foods that are high in those nutrients and add them to your diet. With the addition of these foods and select nutritional supplements you can eliminate those deficiencies (and their correlating illnesses).

The second reason I preach about digestion in some way in just about every blog entry I write and every conversation I have about nutrition is because I’ve always struggled with my weight. The first time I got it under control was when I learned how to eat. Not how to diet. How to eat. I learned how my body processes the food that I eat and I learned what is food and what is a food product. This is what I teach people.

If you approach me with any illness, be it dry hair, dry skin, wrinkles, overweight, depression, allergies,anxiety, rage, reflux, issues with blood sugar, issues with your bowel, issues with the cardiovascular system, issues with frequent injuries from working out, you name it: I will teach you about your digestive system and the changes you make to the list of things that you eat will make you feel better. We will look at your total health and improve your complete self. We will not look at an isolated issue because there are no isolated issues. Blood sugar problems are related to memory issues. Tiredness is related to frequent injuries. Brittle nails are related to loss of taste and smell. Everything is related and when you become completely healthy all issues drop away.

This includes excess fat. When you eat food that is digestible by your body the nutrients from that food will go to the cells that make up your bodily systems. Your eyes, your brain, your liver, your pancreas, your skin, everything but your fat.

It is only when you consume food that cannot be assimilated by your digestive system that that food, or food product, gets stored as fat.

As soon as you begin eating in a way that allows and encourages your body to assimilate the nutrients in the foods that you choose your body will begin to find its proper level of fat distribution. Your body will do it on its own, without requiring hours at the gym. Being super active helps but is not necessary for your body to finds it’s optimal ‘weight’.

So does improving digestion equal automatic weight loss?

Probably. If you have a lot of excess fat, then yes. But you might gain muscle. This will improve your figure, which is what you really want right? The number on the scale is unimportant. What’s important is how you feel.

Those of us who struggle to get rid of excess fat find it hard to believe, but there are people who want to gain weight but they simply cannot hold onto fat or muscle. As they waste away they feel terrible and develop illnesses just like those with excess fat. They also can learn how to use eating to bring their body to it’s optimal shape.

Eating is the answer to the question of how to make your body find its optimal fat distribution again. We gain fat as we age because our digestive system changes. Understanding how is the key to looking and feeling at least as good as we did before we started feeling malaise.

Contact me to learn how to do it. I talk about various aspects of this approach in this blog, but we all have specific needs. Just like I needed to learn mine I want to help you learn yours.

I consult in person ( or via skype (chris.carlone). I’m happy to spread the knowledge I’ve gained because I and my clients have found it so satisfying to take the mystery out of staying healthy and feeling good.

Chris Carlone, CNP

I help people transform their health and their finances. Anything else? EVERYTHING comes next.

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