Eating In The Age Of Covid-19

I started this blog around six years ago as I was building my nutrition practice around the ideology that the path to well-being was not through dieting away calories and nutrients, but came with the enjoyment of good food that builds the body in healthy ways. I shared the most amazing things that I learned in my studies to become a Certified Nutritional Practitioner. I talked about how many of our guilty pleasures needn’t be dropped entirely, but just readjusted, like having coffee between meals, rather than with or just after them.

As happens, my life saw change and, though I’ve never stopped being mindful of nutrition’s vital role in overall well-being, I let the blog go dormant. I didn’t think I had a lot more to say after all I’d laid down in these posts. I wasn’t sure people needed or wanted the information I considered most fascinating and important. I wondered if the things that thrilled me on my journey of discovery in food and health, such as that chocolate is a great source of magnesium and that’s why we crave it in times of stress (and so it’s okay to eat it), had become common knowledge. After I lost connection with the demand for this kind of knowledge and experience, I stopped evangelizing nutrition and lifestyle.

Now, in the age of Covid-19, things have changed again. I’m finding my relationship with food is shifting back toward where it was ten years ago, when I was finishing my night school nutrition studies. I’m thinking about my food again. Rather than running to the easiest option for takeout or the freezer section I’m planning what I’m going to make. This planning is resulting in better choices. Whole foods are more often the basis of our meals. My kids are getting involved in the preparation (sometimes). Habits I wanted to be rid of are now getting properly addressed. We’re eating together. We’re going for walks after meals. We are all present.

Of course, this didn’t immediately happen. First we ate all the carbs. We were upset, uncomfortable, unsure of what was to come, unfamiliar with life minus a routine. Two weeks into conscious isolation we are now finding a new equilibrium and I suspect it will carry benefits beyond simply doing our part to flatten the curve.

I’m reigniting the blog to connect. This is the best way I know that does not rely on social media, at least not directly. I want to converse with those who are also noticing a difference in how they approach eating. I have some questions.

How is the current social climate affecting your eating habits? Are you eating more? Less? Differently? Are you finding that your momentum toward dietary change in the lead-up to the pandemic has shifted, for better or for worse? Were you going vegan, or keto? Has that changed or has your passion and appreciation for the effects of your efforts intensified? Are you being more mindful and appreciative of your food? Are you connecting with others more, or less, over food preparation and consumption (and cleanup)?

Let me know how it’s been going. I really want to know.

Chris Carlone, CNP

I help people transform their health and their finances. Anything else? EVERYTHING comes next.

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