Fruit: Is There A Good Time And A Bad Time?


Of course fruit is good for you.

Well, especially if it’s organic, but I will leave that for another discussion.

Not going to surprise you with any revelation here about the merits of eating fruit: fiber, vitamins, etc. It’s all good.

But I may surprise you by saying that the timing of when you eat your fruit is very important and can actually have pretty devastating effects on your health. Let me get to it.

MAJOR NUTRITION TIP: Eat Fruit 20 Minutes Before a Meal or At Least 2 Hours After

Fruit is not digested in the stomach. It actually passes through the stomach and is broken down into nutrients in the small intestine.

If you have a meal getting churned up in your stomach and then you drop some fruit on top it will not get digested until the rest of the food in there gets taken care of first. While the fruit is sitting there waiting it will begin to ferment, causing gas and, possibly, acid reflux. It’s also ultimately likely to get stored as fat, with none of the nutrients actually making it to your cells.

You’re basically messing up the digestion of the entire meal if you throw fruit on top, wasting any effort you may have made to eat something healthy.

Again, the very easy fix is to eat your fruit 20 minutes before the meal (because that’s all it takes for it to clear out into the intestine, leaving room for your meal) or wait until the meal is fully digested (about 2-3 hours, usually).

Following this guideline will result in healthier looking skin, improved cellular function (that means everything in the body works better) and even fat burning.

So enjoy your fruit. It’s delicious. It’s good. Just do it before the meal.

By the way, the same goes for all sugar foods or food products. Do not have desert after a meal or you will feel very very tired and the whole meal will just sit in your stomach because the immune system will be busy fighting the sugar. Again, you will have wasted a potentially good meal, made yourself feel bad, and you’ll end up with more fat stored.

At my house if we are hosting a birthday party for one of the kids, we invite people over for cake about 4pm. Eat the cake on an empty stomach, get it through the stomach and then we serve dinner. People are way less tired this way and I know that the nutritious and delicious meal I’ve taken time to make will actually improve the health of my guests, not impede it.

That’s all for now – hope you all had great holidays and use this tip to your advantage! Pass it on.

Chris Carlone, CNP

I help people transform their health and their finances. Anything else? EVERYTHING comes next.

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