Homemade Nut/Seed Milk Recipe

Various nut and seed beverages are available at your local grocery or specialized food store. How would you like to make it yourself? The benefits are profound from a nutritional standpoint and the cost difference is also substantial.

I use this beverage in any recipe that asks for any kind of milk – dairy or otherwise. I mainly use it in my morning shake and in the kids’ granola. Here is a brief description of how I do it – watch to videos to find out a lot more info about why to do it.

Step 1 – The Night Before

  1. Select an Omega 3 nut or seed (Walnut or Pumpkin Seed – ALWAYS RAW) and measure out one cup of them
  2. Select an Omega 6 nut or seed (Almond, Sunflower Seed, Pecan, or Sesame Seed – again, RAW) and measure out one cup of those
  3. Soak all of the seeds and/or nuts, together, in a bowl of pure water, in the fridge, overnight

Step 2 – The Morning After

  1. Remove nuts/seeds from the fridge and pour out the water they were soaked in (it is explained why discarding this water is important in the video)
  2. Put soaked nuts/seeds in blender with fresh water (OPTIONAL – add vanilla and unrefined salt, such as Celtic Sea or Himilayan – watch video for other flavouring ideas)
  3. Blend until thoroughly pulverized into a pure white liquid – this is your condensed nut/seed milk
  4. Split contents of blender, evenly, among four mason jars or other containers of approximately 1 liter capacity (OPTIONAL – strain liquid through a nutmilk bag before pouring into jars
  5. Top off jars with pure water, cover tight with lid
  6. Enjoy – they should be good for four days in the fridge, if they last that long!

Chris Carlone, CNP

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