Why I Am Not Upset About The Sewage Flooding My Basement Right Now – The Power Of Adaptogenic Herbs!

This morning I was getting the upstairs bathroom ready for a contractor to arrive and begin renovating it so that we can have a bath for the first time in two years. As I was doing this I was simultaneously trying to get the kids ready so that they can be to school on time. Teeth brushed. Books and papers in their backpacks. Lunch boxes filled with lunches and then placed in backpacks. Oh, and the basement toilet was apparently plugged. Better go check on that.

Yep, it’s plugged. But I don’t SEE anything plugging it! Oh well, I’ll just get the plunger and get it going, right? Does nothing. No matter how many times I plunge and flush, the water level won’t go all the way down.

It’s getting on to time for the kids to brush and that contractor is going to arrive any moment. What’s next? Oh, a quick look through the bathroom door into the laundry room and I see that the floor drain has been backing up with all my plunging efforts.

This is where I normally would lose patience and begin reallocating my energy toward feeling sorry for myself and the difficult life I lead, noting how I never seem to catch any breaks.

But that’s not what happened. As I looked at the blackish water on my laundry room floor, surrounding the cat’s litter box and mostly blocking the way in and out of the room my first thought was, “Ok, call the plumber who solved the basement shower blockage a couple years ago. Then make sure the kids walk AROUND the puddle when they come down to brush their teeth. Get them to school and be at the office for my scheduled 9am phone call. The rest will fall into place.”

That is an amazing change in my though processes compared to a few months ago when I had yet to begin the nutritional cleansing program that I’m now finished.

And even though I’ve returned to my twelfth grade weight without working out, I’ve stopped drinking coffee and I’ve not consumed any bready carbohydrates (except for an exception or two like Canadian Thanksgiving dinner and my son’s birthday cake) the thing I’m most excited about is this upsurge in ability to handle the stress of every day life. I feel positively vibrant! I’m confident, I’m not wasting time judging myself and others, and I’m doing more of what I want to do each day rather than thinking about what I’m not able to get accomplished.

This is because the products in this cleanse include natural herbal components known to support the systems of the body that help us deal with stress.

The nutritional system I’ve been recommending has been having a huge impact on those who have tried it. People I know are more energetic, more emotionally balanced, more rested from improved sleep, and yes, they are thinner if they have fat to lose. Those who are already fit are having better workouts and are bulding mass quicker.

This is the beauty of a system that is nutrition based. It’s about returning the body to a state of normalcy. The thing is that we have been so far from normal functioning that to most of us returning to normal physical and emotional health feels INCREDIBLE! This is how I feel right now.

I’m telling you that this works. If you are wanting to make a change in our life then now is the time to do it. Make the decision for yourself. Either stand by and watch others like me step forward or stay where you are now, stuck feeling that you WISH things were different.

Contact me here if you are ready to fit your clothes better and enjoy life to the fullest again!

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