Let Go And Let Mother Nature Be The Boss

Relax Nothing is under controlThere is so little that we can control in life. Some would say that we can’t control ANYTHING. I’m coming to that understanding, myself, and it is making life much simpler for me. I’m letting go.

But if we can’t control things, then why shouldn’t we outright panic? I mean, things are really getting out of control, aren’t they? The world? The economy? The lives of our friends and family members? Our personal health situations?

It’s ok. Because we do have choices.

When we stop worrying about the big things we unload a big burden that really just distracts us from our day. And when we let go and let our bodies do the living for us we become a lot healthier, too.

Think about how our bodies are set up to ensure our survival. So long as we get out of the way of the physiological systems that signal and trigger us to do things that keep us alive, we not only survive, but thrive. Here are examples of physical signals our bodies send us to encourage us to act in our own best interest.

  • Hunger to make us want to eat
  • Thirst to keep us hydrated
  • Fatique to make us sleep
  • Pain to make us take our hand off the red hot burner
  • Fever to fight off infection
  • Even food cravings to ensure we get all of the spectrum of nutrients we need

If we pay attention to these signals we’re going to be fine and healthy. We won’t starve. We won’t suffer the debilitating effects of dehydration (which go way beyond just being thirsty – see my previous article on the relationship between dehydration and the painful back condition sciatica). We won’t become sleep deprived. We won’t repeatedly injure ourselves. We won’t waste our energy on work when it’s required to fight infection or another form of illness. And we won’t eat just our one favourite kind of food, thinking we can thrive as a human doing so.

But we humans, for some reason, just have to try to control things. Even though they have been developed through thousands of years of evolution to ensure our survival we try to defeat these survival signals when we find them inconvenient by using products that take them away. Many times, as in the use of coffee to power through the feeling of being tired, we also interfere with the signals telling us we need to eat or drink. If we take a medication that reduces fever so we can go to work instead of laying down for a while then the condition that our body is responding to with fever is going to worsen, whether the medication is masking the feeling of discomfort or not. No matter which of these signals we interfere with, the results are often eventually the same: illness.

One might assume that, as a nutritionist, I make recommendations to clients to change their lifestyle in an attempt to improve their health by controlling diet. But I actually prefer to take a more hands off approach. Instead of handing out meal plans and demanding adherence to them at all cost, I recommend minor adjustments to lifestyle that are less intrusive on these bodily signals that are already set up for us. They have enabled our species to survive for this long, so why work against them?

Through knowledge of the way that the body uses food we can develop new habits of enjoying our meals rather than suffering by dieting them away. Letting go of the need to control one’s diet and lifestyle and, instead, living according to what the body needs is much more satisfying. It’s cheaper. And it’s also much less stressful.

Less is more when it comes to nutritional guidance, I believe. We are not more powerful than the universe. I feel we should simply enjoy our time in this life, not waste our energy trying to overpower it.

Let go and let your body – provided by Mother Nature, God or whomever you choose to believe is the great entity that put this all together – take care of you.

Chris Carlone, CNP

I help people transform their health and their finances. Anything else? EVERYTHING comes next.

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