Make it a Wrap to Perfectly Balance Your Meal

I find the easiest way to get the right amount of green veg into your meal is to just make a wrap.

  1. Pick out a wrap that is high in fiber, preferably not made with white or enriched flour.
  2. Add a protein – either hummous or some diced up meat like chicken, lamb or steak.
  3. Add a healthy fat like avocado, which combines well with either meat or legume protein
  4. Throw in a handful of organic greens (you can buy them in clear containers at any grocery store now).
  5. Wrap it up and enjoy!  You don’t really even need a plate for this, so there’s hardly any cleanup.  Easy.

You’ve just made a perfectly balanced meal that is easily digestible and will fill you with nutrition to carry you to your next meal.  Do this often enough and you might just see your illness and discomfort drop away.

Chris Carlone, CNP

I help people transform their health and their finances. Anything else? EVERYTHING comes next.

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5 responses

  1. Ken Lackman says:

    But is it really completely healthy if it involves red meat, or any meat for that matter?

    • Ha ha – great question Ken! I’ll say that it depends on the person and it needs to be organic to be healthy.

      A portion of the population can get along without eating meat, but many cannot. It has to do with metabolic oxidative typing. Essentially, we all burn through different foods at different rates and some will not thrive without animal in their diet because they use up starchy protein sources too fast.

      If you want to learn your own oxidative type check out Dr. Mercola’s extensive and excellent questionnaire to help you discover your own at . It’s long but worth it because it will help you choose foods to make yourself feel good. Use it to confirm your current food choices!

      Cheers, Chris

      • Ken Lackman says:

        I don’t get it. Are you saying that some people are predisposed to be vegetarians and others are not? So does that mean that in India a significant percentage of the population is not eating like they should be?

        • You could interpret it that way, but what I was trying to say was that some people metabolize proteins, fats and carbs quicker than others. This is going to be due in part to hereditary factors. If all of India is vegetarian, then this has been the case for possibly millenia. Perhaps the people of this culture as a whole oxidize carbs slowly, thus being able to handle a vegetarian diet. They don’t require slow burning protein from meat to stay satisfied between meals. I’m only suggesting the possibility.

          There are cultures that have eaten meat for many centuries as well. The North American ‘Indians’, for example, are known to have developed farming practices. But they famously also hunted and ate buffalo. By all accounts of the explorers who first encountered them they were a very healthy culture despite eating meat. Inuit pretty much only ate meat because there was no vegetation on the ice. They still would eat that way if we weren’t trucking our products up to them today. Those cultures who lived close to water ate fish and their descendants are able to metabolize fish protein easier than someone who’s ancestors only had access to vegetables and legumes.

          I’m saying we are not all the same and it is wise to know your own body best to maximize your health. Generally speaking one can eat a clean and healthy diet with or without some meat. In my opinion it is white flour and sugar that NO-ONE should consume. These are empty products, not even foods, and they are the cause of many of our culture’s health problems. Check out the writings of Weston Price if you’re curious about the before and after effects of processed foods on remote cultures from around the globe. It’s fascinating.

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