No. 1 Holiday Nutrition Tip

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Relax and enjoy.

You have a lot of responsibility during the holiday season.

  • You need to be shopping.
  • You need to be travelling and visiting.
  • You need to be thinking of others.
  • You need to be eating.
  • You need to be drinking.
  • You need to be merry.

So enjoy it!

The last thing your body wants is to feel waves of guilt as you resort to a fast food meal at the mall while shopping or you put back a second or third turkey dinner of the season. Guilt disrupts the digestive processes because your body thinks you are in some kind of real distress (i.e. locked into battle with a wild animal or some other dangerous situation) and it doesn’t want to waste energy on digestion that could be used empowering you to survive whatever you’ve gotten yourself into. The best way to avoid this confusion of your bodily processes is to relax and accept the situation you are in for what it is.

If you are being fed, then appreciate the effort the host has put into preparing and presenting the meal. If you’ve been working hard to get shopping done or your Christmas lights up and you run out of time to make a perfect meal, then go ahead and grab something quick. Time is valuable. It’s not the end of the world and it’s not worth giving yourself indigestion over.

So this holiday season sit back, relax, and enjoy the meals that come your way, even if you’re not sure if they contain the best food for you.

Enjoy yourself these holidays. Enjoy the company of friends and family. Enjoy the food. Your body will thank you for relaxing.

If it will help you relax, then call me now while you’re getting your shopping done. Set up your appointment to fulfill your new year’s resolution. Whether your resolution is to get control of your weight, break through plateaus at the gym, get your blood sugar regulated, eliminate digestive distress (IBS, GERD), increase energy levels,  sharpen your mind, eliminate aches and pains, get your skin looking and feeling young again or just to get over the developing malaise you’ve felt increasing over the years, the answer is in the food you are eating (or not eating).

If you book before the end of the year you can save $50 on our most popular package. Check out the holiday special offered in the Consultation Fees tab at the top of this page. Your initial consultation will benefit you for life while costing about the same as a single meal at a fine restaurant.

Don’t wait.

PS – a consultation or our Holiday Special make great gifts for loved ones with health issues they’d like to address 🙂

Chris Carlone, CNP

I help people transform their health and their finances. Anything else? EVERYTHING comes next.

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