Nutritionist Chris – The Science Behind Safely Attaining Your Health Goals With Intermittent Fasting – or – How To Lose Weight By Building Your Body, Not Aimlessly Starving It


Nutritionist Chris

Cleansing Through Intermittent Fasting

I’ve tried many methods of nutritional cleansing through the years. All have been rewarding to a degree and some methods have been MUCH more challenging than others.

My goals were usually to lose excess fat and improve the function of my digestive system. Bonus results were clearer skin, a reduced dependence on coffee, and time saved preparing meals. Now I look for and receive much more from the cleansing process.

I’ve come to understand a cleanse to be a method of clearing out toxins so that we can effectively build new tissue (muscle, glandular, organ). It’s not just about weight loss – though if it’s what the body needs, then weight loss is what you’ll get.

No matter the method I used in the past, I always would dread the day when the cleanse would arrive, and all during the process – usually 5 days – I would crave the foods that I was giving up. Foods like bread, in particular. My body was crying out for energy and my tastebuds, long fooled into associating energy with the super concentrated sugars that come in grain products, would cry out to me. I would power through, stressing my body in the process, lose some weight, and then eventually return to my previous habits.

What was going wrong?

I’ve come to understand that the most effective way of fasting for health is to do so intermittently so that the body does not go into a preservation mode. Two days of fasting and the body slows metabolism and tissue building. Plus, when one does not eat, there is no fibre coming in for the body to use to carry from the body the toxins unleashed in the cleansing process. Loosening up these toxins, only to have them reabsorbed all at once is not good for our health.

I’ve enjoyed the greatest boost in energy, stress management capability, loss of fat, building of muscle and elimination of dependence on grain products since employing a system that utilizes intermittent fasting and adrenal support through adaptogenic herbs.

I’ll be speaking about this system at the New Toronto Academy Of Martial Arts, located at 222 Islington Ave. in Toronto this Sunday, March 8, from noon until 1pm. There is no admission fee for this presentation and I encourage you to bring along anyone you think may be interested in hitting the health reset button this spring.

Here are a couple of articles on the science behind intermittent fasting.

From the Washington School Of Medicine in St.. Louis: Studies explore intermittent fasting, Mediterranean diet

From the Canadian Medical Association: Intermittent Fasting: The Science Of Going Without

From Scientific American: How Intermittent Fasting Might Help You LIve A Longer And Healthier Life

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