Pure Raw Chocolate Recipe: The Rest Of The Incredible Healing Ingredients

Ok, so we’ve gone over the fundamental ingredients of my favourite pure raw chocolate recipe (cacao, coconut oil and pure maple syrup as a sweetener) and we’ve outlined the fact that all three of them are very nutrient dense and helpful in both preventing and treating illnesses like the common cold or coughs and more.  What’s left?

The rest of the ingredients make the recipe taste better and also make it even MORE beneficial to your health.

Raw Unheated Honey

Left in its natural state, honey will not spoil in your cupboard so long as you do not contaminate it by doing something silly like eating a spoonful and putting the spoon back in. Heated or pasteurized honey (the kind you find at the grocery store that is nice and clear) does NOT contain the following medicinal qualities in the amazing food. If your raw honey has crystallized, put the closed container in a sink full of hot water for 15 minutes. Do NOT microwave it or anything else you plan to consume. Get some raw honey from your local health food store – you will love it because of the taste and because:

  • it’s anti-bacterial
  • it’s anti-viral
  • it’s anti-fungal
  • it contains friendly bacteria to populate your colon and strengthen your immune system
  • it provides excellent fuel for the liver in regulating blood sugar and also aids in insulin response
  • it’s an effective cough suppressant
  • it can be applied to wounds to protect them from infection and help them heal quicker! This includes ulcers. Eat some.
  • it provides antioxidant help to combat free radicals, preventing cardiovascular disease and cancer

Celtic Sea or Himalayan Salt

Adding mineral rich salt to your chocolate will give it more of a caramel kind of flavour, I find. Always choose either celtic sea salt or himalayan salts for your diet as they have not had the minerals your body needs to thrive refined out so that they look nice and white and don’t clump together. It should be a bit grey in the container. If it’s pure white and looks like table salt, avoid it.

Eating salt in this form adds nutrition to every meal you include it in. Put it on vegetables, salad, chocolate, whatever. Don’t be afraid. It’s the sodium in products like canned goods, chips, and other nutritionless items that you need to avoid because it offers nothing to your body to grow from. Natural salt is needed by the body for the following reasons:

  • it is necessary to regulate fluid levels in your cells – every cell in your body will not function properly if you consume no salt.
  • it is used by your body to transmit information to and from the brain along your nerves

A salt-free diet is very dangerous, so enjoy healthy salt. Of course anything to excess is not good, but salt in its natural form is not going to hurt you unless you have some kind of very advanced disease or illness that has put your body into a very devastated state where it can no longer properly handle healthy foods. Good salt in your diet now will help prevent you from ever getting to this state.

Cayenne Pepper

Mmmm. The hot stuff. I love it in almost any context. It not only aids with digestion of protein, but it also helps you feel more alert. The first time I encountered the concept of chocolate with chili in it was on a trip to Germany in 2007. The hottest ice cream flavour (no pun intended, well maybe) was Chocolate Chili. You could get it at all the ice cream parlours. I was told this is how the Mayans enjoyed their chocolate.Turns out this is correct. And it is delicious.

True the Mayans and their predecessors of chocolate making, the Olmec, didn’t make ice cream with chilis, but they made a drink that they consumed all day long and used as a condiment. Other than adding a distinct rush of endorphins and an interesting flavour, what does adding cayenne pepper to chocolate do for it’s healing qualities?

  • it boosts blood circulation, helping the heart and allowing more blood to the brain – this makes you more alert
  • it opens and drains the nasal passages
  • it offers antioxidant qualities (getting tired of this quality in the chocolate recipe? Your body won’t mind)
  • it can help reduce inflammation
  • it offers natural pain relief
  • it helps kill bacteria in the food you consume, meaning it will help prevent ulcers and boost immunity
  • it raises body temperature, which requires energy of the body – this means fat gets burned


These are not the only things you can add to your chocolate to make it taste great and improve your overall health. Adding raw nuts and seeds will add protein and essential fatty acids, for example. Experiment for yourself. You just don’t want to do what was done to chocolate when it was discovered in the new world: don’t add sugar and milk. As you know from reading my blog, these things set your health back. This chocolate recipe IMPROVES your health. It will also make your body burn fat.

Here’s the recipe one final time for the record:

Ingredients: 5 tbsp cacao powder (not cocoa, cacao); 5 tbsp unrefined coconut oil; 3 tbsp raw honey or 100% pure maple syrup; 1/2 tsp celtic sea salt; 1/2 tsp cayenne pepper; 1/2 tsp pure vanilla; 20 to 30 mini paper baking cups.


  1. Liquify coconut oil by placing closed jar in a sink of warm to hot water. The warmth will melt the coconut oil inside the jar so you can pour it out.
  2. Mix remaining ingredients with the liquified coconut oil in a bowl.  No powered mixer is necessary for this.
  3. Pour your chocolate into mini paper baking cups and place in refrigerator or freezer until hardened (less than an hour).

Seriously folks, why aren’t you eating this right now?

Consider preparing it this holiday season and offering it to loved ones in place of the kind of sweets that are likely to contribute to the typical round of flu that follows the holidays. Eating this chocolate will not only make them feel good right afterward, but it will help prevent them from getting sick in the weeks ahead.

Many thanks for whfoods.org for information contributing to this blog entry.

Chris Carlone, CNP

I help people transform their health and their finances. Anything else? EVERYTHING comes next.

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