Stop Combining Starch With Protein

This is a really easy strategy to lose fat and build muscle (and other) tissue without taking any foods out of your diet. It also reduces acid reflux and strengthens your immune system.

How does it work? It’s all about stomach acid. Think about the texture of a piece of meat protein in your mouth vs. the texture of something starchy like white bread, potato or pasta. The starch melts in your mouth practically, but the meat requires some chewing before you can swallow it.

Likewise, when meat enters your stomach, the body recognizes that it will require a lot of acid to break that meat down properly so that the amino acids in the meat can be passed on to the blood stream from your small intestine. Just like it takes more chewing to break down a morsel of meat than it does a soft piece of bread, the stomach will want to be acidic when there is meat in your meal.

Here is where the combination of starch and protein together becomes an issue. Your stomach doesn’t want to have anything to do with the starch because starch is broken down only in the mouth (by enzymes in your saliva) and in the small intestine. In order to make sure that the starch that you eat passes right through the stomach the body neutralizes the acid in your stomach when you eat starch. So if you eat nothing but a piece of bread you can chew it up really good, swallow it, and know that it will pass right through the stomach and into the small intestine for proper digestion and assimilation into the cells. But if you already have eaten some meat protein, then the stomach has become acidic to break down that meat. The stomach is confused when you add the starch to the meat and doesn’t know whether to stay acidic for the meat or alkaline to let the starch pass through. The result is what causes us much frustration.

Since the stomach cannot be both acid and alkaline it simply goes dormant. The two different acid levels neutralize each other and you are left with a stomach full of food that now cannot be digested. It was all because of the combination of starch and protein.

When you eat like this you often still have a full feeling an hour or two after your meal. That’s because the food is still in your stomach instead of being broken down and nourishing you. Sometimes your might burp a couple hours after your meal and taste the meal again. This is because the food is stuck in your stomach.

If you want food to move through the stomach as efficiently as possible then you want to choose to either have meat protein (with lots of green vegetables) or starch (with lots of green vegetables). Salad with sliced steak or chicken and a good cheese with olive or flax oil and balsamic vinegar works perfectly. So does pasta with a non-meat sauce. Put lots of vegetables and some bean in the sauce. Either of those options will leave you feeling light and satisfied after the meal, not over-full and uncomfortable.

If you combine animal protein with starch on a regular basis you are essentially starving yourself. Because the food cannot be digested the nutrients never make it to your cells. Instead the food goes rancid or ferments in the stomach, causing gas and acid reflux. The food can’t go anywhere because it hasn’t been digested. So it sits until your next meal pushes it into the intestines, damaging them and potentially causing food allergies. Finally, the undigested food goes to your colon where it shall remain. This is one of the causes of constipation and a protruding belly. The energy required by the body to try to break down this food in such an impossible scenario is taken from your immune system, resulting in more frequent illness.

The best part about properly combining your meals, aside from feeling great after eating them and knowing that your food is actually feeding you instead of making you sick and covered in cellulite, is that once the body starts properly digesting food it will immediately start burning fat efficiently. Your body will drop fat.

A lot of potential bad consequences of poor digestion have been mentioned in this blog entry. Scary stuff. Acid reflux. Weight gain. Protruding bellies. Frequent sickness. I forget about oily skin.

No need to be scared of those things. Just make eating decisions that don’t involve starch and protein at the same sitting and make sure there are lots of green vegetables involved and all of these problems will be at the mercy of your newly high-functioning body.

Just another non-dieting strategy for weightloss and improved health that I love to tell people about. Spread the word.

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Chris Carlone, CNP

I help people transform their health and their finances. Anything else? EVERYTHING comes next.

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11 responses

  1. pushthecow says:

    Thanks Carlone. Loving these posts. Simple wisdom.

  2. Grace R says:

    Found your blog by accident – but VERY glad I did. Learning a lot already!

  3. Brandon says:

    Is this same effect in children?

    • Children have many many times more stomach acid than adults. Healthy kids can burn through about any combination of food. It’s after about age 30-35 that HCl levels naturally drop off and we start needing to be a bit more careful to stay out of the way of our digestive processes.

  4. Jackie says:

    Years and years I have had poor digestion. I wonder why everyone is being diagnosed with IBS. Since the beginning of last week, when I have just about had enough if being bloated and looking fatter than I feel that I should, I decided to eat just protien, which I have done for four days and already I am seriously feeling better. I have found your site to be the answer to my concerns. I feel excited by this and I will continue to eat this way.

    • Jackie says:

      I do understand the importance of veggies, that’s why I am very interested in this attitude towards eating. Wish me luck, I hope that in three months I will look and feel the best that I have in years. I am fifty two and been told by doctors that I inherit my digestion from my grandparents, so I kept on eating my way. Not sure that they really knew the answer. This just makes so much since to me. Thanks

      • Chris Carlone, CNP says:

        Hi Jackie – thanks for your comments. I believe it is possible that you may have inherited some digestive issues from your ancestors, but I also believe that eating in a way that maximizes your digestion and reduces the amount of energy needed to break down food will help you digest much better in any case. Often the eating HABITS are what is inherited, not the body’s ability to digest.

  5. Jackie says:

    Sense not since… One questions, if and when can I eat any chocolate?

    • Chris Carlone, CNP says:

      Hi Jackie – I wonder what you mean when you use the word chocolate. Do you mean a chocolate bar from the store that is milk chocolate? If so there is hardly any chocolate at all – it is mostly sugar and milk products. Real chocolate is made up of natural foods that benefit health, so I would say you can go ahead and enjoy dark chocolate. I would need to know more about your personal situation to say for sure, though.

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