The No [Sham]poo Movement

I went to my hairstylist yesterday and she was so happy when I told that that I’d stopped using shampoo for several years – I’ve been using a set of electric clippers to cut my own mane so we hadn’t seen each other for a while – and when I told her that I occasionally put coconut oil in my hair she suggested I do so daily!

“Daily?” I thought. Me, the guy who hasn’t used shampoo in five years and tries so hard to convince others that my hair became LESS greasy when I stopped washing the natural oils off my scalp every morning – even I questioned her in my mind.

I mentioned how much coconut oil helped my hair in the summer when I was swimming daily in a chlorinated pool and all my precious natural oils seemed to disappear from my hair, making it dry and horrifying. She explained to me that the natural oils in my hair were actually PROTECTING my hair and scalp from the chlorine! She said she has a hard time explaining to people at her own local pool that shampooing after a swim is actually doing MORE damage to their hair because the shampoo is removing a natural mechanism of the body to protect against environmental factors.

I went ahead and put a tiny bit of coconut oil in my hair this morning after I rinsed it in the shower (filtered with a Vitamin C filter to remove chloramines).

This is another example of less is more when it comes to care products. If we want our bodies to be healthy and strong then we need to feed our bodies nutrition, not use products purported to address symptoms. The body knows how to take care of itself. I’ve had no dandruff since I stopped using hair products. Even my wife has now, after several years shaking her head, joined the ‘no poo’ movement (shampoo, that is). For the first time since she was a teenager her hair has stopped being thin and lifeless – the very things the products she was blowing money on were supposed to solve but were actually exacerbating.

Fill your body with nutrition to be healthy.

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