Why We’ll Never Become Happy Dieting Or Clipping Coupons

Many of us have tried to change our financial situations by cutting back on expenses and some of us have tried boosting our sense of well-being by dieting.

Do either of these things ever work? Certainly not in the long-run, because both cost-cutting and dieting are based in rejection and shrinking down our lifestyle, while we are seeking a feeling of belonging and expansion of the quality of our lifestyle.

The answer to being financially broke is not to spend less on things that make us happy like quality food and fun activities. It’s to earn more money. If we decide that we only make as much as we make and that’s just all there is to it, then we are doomed to remain on the downward trajectory we are seeking to get off from by looking at a website like mine. Sacrificing quality food to save money results in a poorer quality of life, including sickness and dissatisfaction with living. THE SOLUTION TO A LACK OF MONEY IS TO GENERATE MORE WEALTH.

Likewise, the answer to being unhealthy is not to diet away the foods that we like so that we can become ‘skinnier’. This is not sustainable and, besides, skinny absolutely does not mean healthy. For some restoring our health means shedding the unwanted fat, but for others it means sleeping better, having more energy, or blasting through plateaus in the gym or on the running circuit. If we try to save money and lose weight by eliminating nourishment from our life – i.e. eating less – we will become weaker, not stronger; more tired, not more energetic, and miserable, not happy. THE SOLUTION TO POOR HEALTH IS TO RAISE THE QUALITY AND QUANTITY OF OF OUR NUTRITION.

The vehicle to achieve both an additional source of income and a substantial boost in nutrition is the same. It’s the basis of my business and it can be shared with you. We don’t need to know ANYTHING to do what I do and share this vehicle with others, expanding our lifestyle, rather than compacting it; and providing and opportunity for others to do the same.

If we want to make a positive impact on this world, we need to help others achieve what they want to achieve. When we do so we receive more in return than we can reasonably expect.

If you are ready to learn how to use the tool I have been using to boost my health and also my finances, then send me a message by clicking the “Ready For Change” button below. We’ll arrange to have a talk and you’ll see that there is a whole world of positivity out there ready for you to become a part of it.

Let’s talk now – I’m excited to be here for you. It’s your choice to click or not – to continue shrinking or to begin to expand. You can choose now.

In the meantime I hope you have an amazing day!



Chris Carlone, CNP

I help people transform their health and their finances. Anything else? EVERYTHING comes next.

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